Alhasan Systems Private Limited

Alhasan Systems is a privately owned development company with a history that goes back to 1989. It offers what the organisation believes to be unrivaled experience in Spatial Knowledge & Information Management [SKIM] services, its data gathering and structuring and the development of knowledge-based decision support products.

Alhasan Systems launched its pioneering Open Access/ Open Data [OA/OD] program in Pakistan before the General Election 2013 and since than made public dozens of public interest reports and maps free of cost for larger humanitarian benefit. Alhasan Systems is registered since 2010 with the Security & Exchange Commission of Pakistan under Section 32 of the Companies Ordinance 1984 (XL VII of 1984) as a Private Limited company; to continue providing cutting edge Geo Spatial Technologies Centric Information, Communication, and Knowledge Management solutions and hi-tech business psychology modeling and publishing services to its customers from public, private, and humanitarian sectors.

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