Disaster response shelter catalogue

Author(s): Flores, Mario C.; Meaney, Michael C.
Number of pages: 173 p.

This catalogue is an overview of Habitat for Humanity's work around the world, including its work in disaster risk reduction. It aims to provide an inspiring record of Habitat's disaster response and mitigation efforts and captures many of the valuable lessons learned.

Since responding to Hurricane Mitch, which struck Central America in 1998, Habitat for Humanity has increased its capacity to support disaster risk reduction and response worldwide. It includes Habitat's work after some of the worst disasters of the past decade — including the 2010 Haiti earthquake, Hurricane Katrina on the U.S. Gulf Coast in 2005 and the Indian Ocean tsunami in 2004.

It highlights pathways to permanence in action, including Community-based programs for Disaster Risk reduction and Disaster Response interventions, and risk reduction cases in Indonesia, India, Phlippines, Jamaica, Nicaragua, Chile, Haiti, and Trinidad and Tobago