Thriving, resilient livelihoods: Christian Aid's approach

This report covers resilient livelihoods process which include (i) analysis and planning;(ii) Pre-screening of risk and opportunity; (iii) gender, power and exclusion analysis; (iv) participatory vulnerability and capacity assessment; (v) community action plan. The report also has ongoing reviews like engagement with government, community led interventions, practical NGO interventions. This report highlights livelihoods and manage the risks that threaten them at the same time.

The report asserts that Christian Aid wants to enable poor people to move beyond survival and subsistence, to enjoy thriving and dignified lives. This means making a living in ways that provide adequate and predictable food and income, safe and healthy living conditions, and the resources and confidence to take new opportunities as they arise. It also gives them a secure starting point for meeting new challenges and adapting to their situations as they continue to change in complex, unpredictable ways. Christian Aids calls this building a resilient livelihood.