Post-hyogo framework for action discussion for increased disaster resilience

This document outlines ACT Alliance's commitment to humanitarian principles, the Hyogo Framework for Action (HFA), how ACT aims to meet its disaster resilience commitments through the post-HFA framework, and how ACT members can get involved. It affirms that: (i) ACT Alliance members have been encouraged to adopt a disaster risk reduction (DRR) approach in all their work "that cuts across development, emergency response, early recovery, reconstruction, and back to development"; (ii) ACT Alliance aims to integrate DRR into the work of its members in a systematic way, "identifying, assessing and reducing the risks of disaster with prevention, mitigation and preparedness"; (iii) the report of the general assembly to ACT's newly elected governing board reaffirmed the prioritization of "preparedness, preventions, mitigation and risk reduction in all its humanitarian, development and advocacy work"; (iv) ACT Alliance knowledge and experience from the field is reflected in overarching international policy framework for DRR; and that (v) discussions concerning the next phase of the HFA present an ideal opportunity for ACT to meet its own DRR commitments and contribute to global DRR policy, especially given that the global HFA Monitor has recognized the need to strengthen DRR globally: it has indicated that progress is "weak on HFA Priority for Action 4 - reducing the underlying risk factors - which refers to the integration of disaster risk reduction into social, economic, environmental and urban development, and into planning of infrastructure projects."