ANDROID report: disaster resilience education and research roadmap for Europe 2030

Author(s): Amaratunga, Dilanthi; Faber, Michael Havbro; Haigh, Richard; Indirli, Maurizio; Kaklauskas, Artūras; Lill, Irene; Perdikou, Skevi; Rochas, Claudio; Sparf, Jörgen; Perera, Srinath; Thayaparan, Menaha; Velazquez, Jerry
Number of pages: 26 p.

The roadmap sets out five key challenges and opportunities in moving from 2015 to 2030 and aimed at addressing the challenges of the recently announced Sendai Framework for Disaster Risk Reduction 2015-2030. It brings together existing literature in the field, as well as the results of various analysis and study projects undertaken by project partners, and represents an important output of the ANDROID disaster resilience network.

The ANDROID consortium of applied, human, social and natural scientists, supported by international organisations and a stakeholder board, worked together to map the field in disaster resilience education, pool their results and findings, develop interdisciplinary explanations, develop capacity, move forward innovative education agendas, discuss methods, and inform policy development.