Stay safe and be prepared: A teacher’s guide to disaster risk reduction

Country of publication:France
Type:Book (>30 pages) (60 p.)
Language:English, Spanish

This guide is part of a three-book compendium on disaster risk reduction (DRR). It aims at introducing concepts, exercises and good practices on disaster preparedness and response to teachers, students and parents. The basic idea is that comprehensive disaster preparedness and resilience-building can only take place when the whole (school) community, starting with students, parents and teachers, is involved and that it can be very successful if students are encouraged to actively take the lead on some of the activities.

This teachers’ guide is organized around four steps to becoming a DRR educator. The first section underlines why teachers and schools should take on DRR learning and outlines basic concepts to be able to effectively facilitate it. The second section provides ideas on how to facilitate DRR learning in the class, with colleagues, with parents and community members, as well as through co- and extracurricular activities. The third section elaborates on how make schools a safer place. Finally, the fourth section focuses on how support students’ psychosocial recovery after a disaster.

At the end of the Guide, there is a list of resources and a checklist that can support teacher's role as a DRR educator and help them overcome challenges in facilitating DRR learning.