Building resilient urban communities

ISBN/ISSN: 9781783509065
Author(s): Joerin, Jonas; Shaw, Rajib; Krishnamurthy, Ramasamy R.
Number of pages: 188 p.

Community, environment and disaster risk management, volume 15:

Recognising ongoing processes of rapid urban transformation in many cities in developing countries, this book throws light on how urban communities in Asian cities, particularly Indian cities, experience impacts of urbanisation and climate change. Related consequences due to unprecedented rural urban migration in many parts of Asia are changing the faces and characters of cities. Due to increasing demands on infrastructures and urban services, cities in developing countries are often pushed at the edge of collapse already during normal, non-disaster times. While such cities try to implement needed measures to safeguard the well-being of their citizens, looming impacts of climate change in the form of more frequent and intense natural hazards pose new and additional challenges to their urban communities.