Building resilience to disasters — Delivering results: GFDRR annual report 2011

This year’s annual report features a detailed analysis of the cumulative impact and results GFDRR has achieved over the five-year period since its inception in 2006. Based on advice received from its Consultative Group (CG) over the last year, the analysis presented in this annual report incorporates evidence-based and anecdotal “results stories” during the 2006-11 period, collected and compiled by various regional disaster risk management teams, country offices and GFDRR staff.

The report highlights the results of fiscal year 2011, but also documents the impact of some of the major achievements over the last five years, ranging from early warning systems supported by GFDRR, to innovative risk financing instruments, to climate adaptation mainstreaming in country assistance strategies. Since 2007, more than 25 disaster-hit countries have used GFDRR-supported post-disaster needs assessments to leverage upwards of US$5 billion in social sector recovery investments and transport infrastructure alone. The report documents such achievements not just in numbers or statistics, but also in the impact on human lives and communities.