Disasters and emergencies Switzerland – method for risk analysis

Number of pages: 29 p.
Version 1.03
This report describes the framework conditions and approach used in the assessment of hazards and their associated risks in Switzerland. The present version is aimed at an audience of experts who will be using the method in workshops in this year to assess the likelihood of occurrence and potential effects of hazard scenarios. The report ensures that the hazards are analyzed systematically and in a comparable manner in the workshops and allows interested parties to reproduce their results.

The risk analysis method follows the best practice approach. The first practical application of the method in workshops took place in 2012. The results of the first part of the analysis are documented in the Risk Report 2012 on disasters and emergencies in Switzerland.

Experiences gained in the use of this method during the workshops in 2012 are considered in version 1.03. Now the method is made available to a broad audience as a basis for carrying out risk analysis in disaster management.