Resilience in action: lessons from public-private collaborations around the world

Author(s): Becker-Birck, Christina; Crowe, Jon; Lee, Joanne; Jackson, Summer
Number of pages: 39 p.

This study distills lessons learned from 100 initiatives where public- and private-sector organizations have joined forces to strengthen resilience against climate disasters, and presents exemplary case studies to show how others can follow suit.

Full details of the findings and recommendations can be accessed in the full Resilience in Action report, or in the Summary for Policymakers. A set of nine, two-page case studies are included as an annex in both, and are also available as a standalone document.

The study was led by Meister Consultants Group and funded by CDKN. It supports the work of the UNISDR’s 2013 Global Assessment Report on Disaster Risk Reduction (DRR), published in May, which set out the business case for DRR.