Resilience Index Measurement and Analysis Model RIMA-II: What’s new?

The webinar will address the measurement of resilience to food insecurity through the Resilience Index Measurement and Analysis (RIMA) model. The model was developed in 2008 by the Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations (FAO) and has recently been technically improved based on its application in 10 countries. RIMA is an innovative and quantitative approach that seeks to explain why and how some households cope with shocks and stressors better than others.


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What's Included
The webinar will provide an overview of the evolved RIMA-II, highlight the possible use of RIMA results and present some of the analyses that have been conducted around the world.

How to Register
Kindly register in advance. This will ensure you will receive all documentation, feedback and recording of the webinar after the event.

Or join the webinar directly on June 9th.

Make sure in advance that you are able to connect or download the application if necessary.


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