Situation Assessment: Syrian Refugees in Lebanon

An EU Civil Protection Team deployed to Lebanon to assist the authorities with the assessment of the current management of the refugee crisis has completed its mission. "The situation is extremely serious. Despite the admirable efforts on the part of the Lebanese Authorities, the country is being crushed by the burden of the ever growing influx of Syrians," said Pekka Tiainen, a Liaison Officer in the EU Civil Protection team deployed on 6 June, on his return from Lebanon.

The three-member team identified areas of potential assistance, including in-kind assistance that could be provided to Lebanon through the EU Civil Protection Mechanism. "Family tents, blankets, mattresses, cooking utensils, hygiene kits, field hospitals, and educational material are desperately needed. If the influx of refugees continues at the current pace, food assistance might also be needed soon," explains Tiainen. Due to the massive influx of Syrian refugees into neighbouring Lebanon, on 14 May, the Government of Lebanon requested additional assistance through the Emergency Response Centre (ERC) of the European Commission, especially in terms of identifying potential gaps in the management of the refugee crisis in Lebanon so far.  To date, the continuing conflict in Syria has resulted in an outflow of over 525 000 refugees into Lebanon. By December 2013, it is estimated that the number of refugees displaced to Lebanon will reach more than 1 million individuals, almost 25% of the total population.  For the crisis as a whole, the European Union has contributed €265 million in humanitarian aid with the Member States presently at €417 million. This brings the total humanitarian funding to €678 million. Another €250 million was pledged by President Barroso on 6 June 2013.

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