International symposium on societal resilience

TIPOLOGIA: Meeting LUOGO: United States of America (Fairfax, VA), Venue: Hyatt Fair Lakes - DATA: 30 Nov - 02 Dec 2010

As the first of its kind, the symposium’s main goal is to draw domestic and international stakeholders to dialogue and share research in the field of societal resilience. The symposium program will offer a variety of panels with distinguished speakers and interactive break-out sessions that will include presentations regarding emerging issues in resilience and homeland security.

Symposium themes include:

- The Philosophy of Resilience
- Ecological and Psychological Perspectives of Resilience
- Societal, Organizational, and Cultural Perspectives of Resilience

Distinguished speakers and presenters represent universities, private organizations, and governments from nine countries. Please visit the symposium website for more information on the program, keynote speakers, and to register.

Additional information

Event :Free
Target audience: Participants should be interested and actively engaged in the field of societal resilience and ready to participate in dialogue and collaboration to advance the International Resilience Research Network (IRRN) and promote research and scholarly endeavors into understanding resilience.



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