Stay safe and be prepared: A parent’s guide to disaster risk reduction

Type:Book (>30 pages) (33 p.)
Language:English, Spanish

This guide is part of a three-book compendium on disaster risk reduction (DRR). It offers ideas on family preparedness measures and on how parents can get engaged with their child’s school and their community to improve disaster preparedness and response. It also addresses the psychosocial well-being of children and outlines several exercises that parents can do to assist their child’s psychosocial recovery after a disaster. Both the teachers’ guide and the parents’ guide are designed to support the activities introduced in the students’ guide.

There are three parts to the parents’ guide. In the first part, there is an overview of recent disaster trends, as well as some basic disaster-related information. The second part provides ideas on how make houses, schools and communities safer from and better prepared for disasters. Finally, the last part discusses how to deal with disasters, including how to deal with the strong emotions that disasters bring up.