Multidisciplinary perspectives on urban resilience

ISBN/ISSN: 9788469560259
Author(s): Chelleri, Lorenzo; Olazabal, Marta
Number of pages: 78 p.

This document reports on a workshop that aimed to share resilience perspectives applied to different urban contexts. The result is a review and discussion of examples on urban resilience and the opportunities and benefits of applying urban resilient thinking in urban environments. As a first step in understanding these contexts, the report intends to inspire readers to create ways of complementing sustainability science with resilience thinking.

The chapters cover: (i) why urban resilience?; (ii) infrastructure planning as a component of urban/regional resilience; (iii) exploring the resilience of urban systems - impacts of social change on disaster risk management in shrinking cities; (iv) urban resilient sustainability transitions - a cause for action; (v) lessons for urban resilience from delta urbanism - the Dutch polders case; (vi) urban-rural resilience - insights from the southern Bolivian Altiplano; (vii) reconsidering resilience in rapidly urbanising areas; (viii) findings and final remarks.