Investing in resilience: ensuring a disaster-resistant future

ISBN/ISSN: 9789290929505
Number of pages: 171 p.

This report establishes a vision of a resilient future and equips investors with a framework and ideas to identify practical actions that will result in the realization of that vision. The vision shows how resilience can be accomplished through the coordinated action of governments and their development partners in the private sector, civil society, and the international community. It stresses the interconnectedness and complementarity of possible actions to achieve resilience across a wide range of development policies, plans, legislation, sectors, and themes.

The report identifies eight critical next steps toward strengthened resilience, building on the gaps and challenges identified in the report: (i) policy change; (ii) risk assessment; financing (iii) for risk reduction and post-disaster support, (iv) for the insurance and reinsurance sectors and (v) for community and local investment; (vi) private sector engagement; and knowledge management to establish (vii) an open-source, regional, online information platform and (viii) a regional knowledge-development and capacity-building program. It offers an approach and ideas for reflection, inviting readers to consider how we can ensure that the actions that we know are required to strengthen resilience are actually taken. It is primarily aimed at investors in the public sphere, namely governments and their development partners.