Public awareness and public education for disaster risk reduction: a guide

Type:Book (>30 pages) (74 p.)

This guide is designed to help National Societies to plan and develop public awareness and public education efforts for disaster risk reduction and suggests the guide is needed to help four major areas of activity: public health, environmental stewardship, earth science and geology, and the International Red Cross Red Crescent Movement (IFRC).The guide supports two key IFRC documents – Strategy 2020 and A Framework for Community Safety and Resilience in the Face of Disaster Risk, and will help to implement the Hyogo Framework for Action – a global blueprint for disaster risk reduction efforts between 2005 and 2015 – by providing specific operational guidance for promoting disaster risk reduction. It is designed to help guide planning for public awareness and public education efforts, to produce increasingly successful and high-impact outcomes. The annex provides additional details and stocktaking of IFRC's global experience in this field. A companion document published in 2012 covers "key messages" and a methodology for consensus-building for key messages.