The role of community radio in disasters

Autors: Hibino, Junichi; Matsuura, Shohei; Shaw, Rajib
Number of pages: 28 p.
This knowledge asks 'What is community radio?' and outlines its role in disasters. It provides 10 key lessons for effective use of community radio in time of disaster using the example of FM YY - a community radio based in Kobe that was established after the 1995 Great Hanshin Awaji Earthquake.

Community radio specializes in providing local information for the local people. There are some instances in Japan and abroad in which community radio became the prime vehicle for information sharing for communities during disaster emergency relief as well as post disaster recovery. Community radio also plays an important role in disaster risk reduction, especially in pre-disaster preparedness and mitigation through awareness raising that targets different community groups. However, in order for community radio to take its effective role, participation, involvement and ownership of the local community is extremely important.

This knowledge note targets readers including practitioners in the field of risk reduction as well as those involved in community radio.