2017 Resilience index annual report

The 2017 FM Global Resilience Index is an annual ranking of 130 countries and territories according to their enterprise resilience to disruptive events. Rankings are calculated as an equally weighted composite of 12 core drivers that affect the enterprise resilience of countries significantly and directly. The historical data in this year’s index has been updated and calculated on this new basis for each of the last five years to enable valid historic comparison

The year 2016 was wrought with challenges across the globe. Hurricanes, earthquakes, terror and political upheaval all took a toll. In addition, three emerging drivers of resilience have come to the forefront in recent years that are now included in the index: the rate of urbanization, inherent cyber risk and supply chain visibility.

The 2011 floods in Thailand brought the flooding problem prominently to global attention, but the disruption it causes to business operations is a continuing occurrence. The six Asian countries in the FM Global Resilience Index that have the largest area devoted to economic activities exposed to riverine flood are Pakistan (ranked 125), Laos (ranked 113), Bangladesh (ranked 111), Thailand (ranked 97), Vietnam (ranked 95) and China (ranked 68, 72, 66).