From Risk to Resilience: A systems approach to building long-term, adaptive wellbeing for the most vulnerable

Pasteur, K.; McQuistan, C.

This policy brief updates Practical Action's thinking and approach to building resilience for the most vulnerable - From Vulnerability to Resilience (V2R). Using the experiences gained from the Zurich Global Flood Resilience Programme and the interactions with alliance partners, the organization has updated the V2R framework to be used by practitioners when developing resilience-building programmes and policies.

From Vulnerability to Resilience: A Framework for Analysis and Action to Build Community Resilience, published in 2011, was one of the first attempts by a development NGO to operationalize resilience. It provided project workers with a framework to apply the resilience concept to their projects. Overall, for Practical Action, resilience requires a systems approach to explore development and disasters across sectors and at multiple scales. In order then to be mainstreamed in development practice, resilience has to be measured.