A comparative overview of resilience measurement frameworks: analysing indicators and approaches

ISBN/ISSN: 2052-7209
Author(s): Schipper, Lisa; Langston, Lara
Number of pages: 30 p.

Working paper 422

This paper explores the theory and practice of measuring resilience in the context of climate change and natural hazards to provide lessons and ways to improve understanding. It examines 17 sets of indicators of resilience found in internationally recognised resilience frameworks. It also identifies three criteria (learning, options, flexibility) that cover key dimensions of resilience that recur in the literature. The literature review is complemented with written interviews from eight key informants in the field. Then, it looks at the indicators to see whether they aligned with the proposed criteria of resilience, and the nature of this alignment. The analysis identified a number of issues that may contribute to the broad discussion on resilience and resilience indicators.