Living with risk: hazard risk resilience magazine

Volume 1, issue 3, special issue

Number of pages: 47 p.

This magazine is aimed to support practitioner and research communities who focus on hazards, risks or resilience including those who specialise in policy. It is also for anyone interested in learning about the the interdisciplinary research the Institute of Hazard, Risk and Resilience (IHRR) specialises in such as building community resilience, climate change adaptation, vulnerability to hazards and understanding risk in science and society.

This issue focuses on (i) coastal rock falls in the UK; (ii) risk society in the middle ages; (iii) hazardous winds a’blowin’; (iv) mitigating earthquake risk and building resilience in Nepal; (v) genetically modified dilemmas in the developing world; (vi) securitising sport mega events; (vii) managing environmental risks from Britain’s mining legacy; and (viii) reputational risk in the UK financial sector.