Guide to developing disaster recovery frameworks: World Reconstruction Conference version

Number of pages: 106 p.

This guide lays out processes and good practices for developing disaster recovery frameworks to assist governments in detailed recovery planning at the inter-sectoral and programmatic levels. It is intended to be a practice-based and results-focused tool that assists governments and partners in planning for efficient, effective and resilient post disaster recovery.

The guide is primarily based on good practices compiled from country experiences in disaster recovery: (i) Haiti earthquake; (ii) Mozambique recurrent floods; (iii) Lao PDR; (iv) Philippines typhoon; (v) Senegal urban floods; (vi) Pakistan earthquake; (vii) Yemen tropical storm; (viii) Indonesia Mentawai tsunami and Merapi eruption; and (ix) Bangladesh post-Sidr housing recovery. It provides key planning and decision-making processes for the development of recovery policies and programs, but does not necessarily cover the full breadth of the actual implementation of recovery.