Addressing HFA2: building community resilience

Number of pages: 16 p. issue no. 105, February 2014:

This issue addresses the final phase of the Hyogo Framework for Action (2005-2015) and the consultations for a post 2015 framework for disaster risk reduction (or HFA2), which resulted in the identification of certain key areas or themes that need to be focused at and addressed by this framework. It explores key areas of HFA2 with special focus on addressing "Building Community Resilience".

The content includes: (i) Towards a Post 2015 Framework for DRR (HFA2); (ii) Nansen Refugee Award; (iii) Disaster Risk Management in India: Who are most Vulnerable yet Excluded? The Proposed Panacea; (iv) Disaster Risk and Handicap India: An Overview of Key Issues; (v) Addressing Vulnerabilities of the Elderly: A Snapshot of Sri Lanka; (vi) Addressing Urban Disaster Risk in South Asia; (vii) Disaster Risks in Himalayas; (viii) Himalayan Tsunami – Challenges and Roadblocks in Relief Actions; (ix) DRR: Advantages and Challenges of Gender in Kerala; (x) The Political Biography of an Earthquake: Aftermath and Amnesia in Gujarat, India; (xi) West Bengal's Disaster Risk Reduction Challenges: A View from Communities; (xii) Capacity Building Gaps within Humanitarian Agencies: Key Areas of Actions; (xiii) Extending Business Engagement from Disaster Relief to Community Resilience