Options for including disaster resilience in post-2015 development goals

This Background Note discusses potential indicators and targets for including a specific goal on disaster resilience in the post-2015 development framework, as well as considering the opportunities for building disaster resilience into indicators for other sector goals, and what these might be.

It looks at how to measure these, what baselines exist and whether data are available. It also examines some of the opportunities and challenges, such as options for including humanitarian assistance within a new framework.

It concludes by setting out criteria that can be used to judge the utility of targets and indicators in whatever framing emerges for the post-2015 goals framework. This framework should:

•Be motivating – ambitious but achievable;
•Be amenable to aggregation globally but also suitable for translating to national, sub-national and community levels;
•Include outcome-oriented components;
•Include risk reduction components;
•Add value rather than focusing on aspects that are already improving (e.g. mortality rates);
•Be simple and straightforward to communicate;
•Be measurable, though not necessarily already measured globally, with the potential for a baseline to be created;
•Be able to capture trends in intensive and extensive risk.