Actions for children and youth resilience: guide for governments

ISBN/ISSN: 9789589933503
Number of pages: 91 p.

This guide provides directions for Governments for the development and implementation of public policies for the Disaster Risk Management (DRM) under a multi-sectorial approach (specifically in the areas of protection of children and youth, education, water, sanitation and hygiene-WASH and health and nutrition) to secure their rights in all circumstances.

It provides: (i) a conceptual framework and a vision to establish a common vocabulary and a current of thought under an approach of rights for action; (ii) a brief description of the action framework that various relevant documents of a political/ legal global reference provide; (iii) a proposal on the priority areas for protection, provision/ attention and active participation of children and youth as well as the elements or factors to be taken in account in each of them for DRM; (iv) areas of action linked to strategic objectives and priorities of the Hyogo Framework for Action; and (v) a list of general actions for DRM as a guide to the development of policies, programs and projects focusing on children and youth.