How safe is my school?

This brochure reports on the observation of the 2012 Disaster Reduction Day, observed on 10th October and focusing national attention on the issue of school safety. It highlights the need to create school safety plans in India, motivates school children towards a disaster resilient environment and encourages people and governments to actively participate in building resilience and to reduce school vulnerability through both structural and non-structural interventions.

It provides salient features for school safety: (i) raising disaster awareness; (ii) hazard, vulnerability and risk analysis; (iii) structural and non-structural safety; (iv) facilities and resource mapping; (v) constitution and training of school disaster management committee and task forces; (vii) alert mechanisms; (viii) school maps, evacuation plans and calendar of preparedness activities; (ix) mock drills; (x) psycho-social support for children in disaster; (xi) consideration of disability and gender-based needs; and (xii) periodical review and disaster risk audit of school disaster management plan.