From event analysis to global lessons: disaster forensics for building resilience

Natural Hazards Earth Systems Science Discussion, February 2016, doi:10.5194/nhess-2016-52

Keating, Adriana; Venkateswaran, Kanmani; Szoenyi, Michael; MacClune, Karen; Mechler, Reinhard
25 p.

Building on the disaster forensics field, this paper introduces the Post Event Review Capability (PERC) methodology for systematically and holistically analyzing disaster events, and identifying actionable recommendations. PERC responds to a need for learning about the successes and failures in disaster risk management and resilience, and uncovers the underlying drivers of increasing risk.

This paper draws generalizable insights identified from seven applications of the methodology to date, where it finds that across the globe policy makers and practitioners in disaster risk management face strikingly similar challenges despite variations in context, indicating 15 encouraging potential for mutual learning. These lessons highlight the importance of integrated risk reduction strategies.