Index for risk management results 2015

Number of pages: 20 p.

INFORM is introduced as a new way to measure the risk of humanitarian crises and disasters. INFORM can help identify where and why a crisis might occur, which means we can reduce the risk, build peoples’ resilience and better prepare for when crises do happen. The 2015 INFORM risk index identifies countries at risk from humanitarian crises and disasters that could overwhelm national response capacity. It is made up of three dimensions: hazards and exposure, vulnerability and lack of coping capacity. It contains maps, data and country profiles.

INFORM is the first global, objective and transparent open-source tool for understanding the risk of humanitarian crises. It is intended for all those involved in crisis prevention, preparedness and response to use a shared risk assessment in order to work more effectively together.

INFORM has been developed in response to recommendations by numerous organizations to improve the common evidence basis for risk analysis, as well as the real demands of INFORM partner organizations. INFORM is a collaboration of the Inter-Agency Standing Committee Task Team for Preparedness and Resilience and the European Commission.