Strong governance, reduced risks

Reducing climate change effects and risks in Bosnia and Herzegovina by identifying opportunities and turning knowledge into action

In March 2019 eight members of the Civil Protection Rescue Unit in the city of Doboj, Bosnia and Herzegovina, were certified for water rescue - through the International Rafting Federation, Swiftwater and Whitewater Rescue Technician training. Equipped with high quality boats, suits, safety and other equipment, these are the people that you want responding next time a flood hits.

Strong governance = Resilience
We are witnessing the devastating effects of disasters. The aftermath proves that each country must act to make development efforts risk-informed and climate-smart. 

This year’s International Day for Disaster Risk Reduction is all about governance. You can measure good disaster risk governance in lives saved, reduced numbers of disaster-affected people, and reduced economic losses.

COVID-19 and the climate emergency are telling us that we need clear vision, comprehensive plans, and competent, empowered institutions acting on scientific evidence for the public good.

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