Risk modeling for appraising named peril index insurance products: A guide for practitioners

This guide was written to introduce a wider audience of insurers to index insurance as a risk management tool for agriculture. Index insurance, which is a relatively recent innovation, has exciting potential for addressing the need for agricultural insurance in developing economies. 

The main objectives of this guide are to:

  • Promote informed business decision making among insurance companies by providing them with effective tools for evaluating named peril index insurance business opportunities and products;

  • Support the improvement of named peril index insurance product offerings through structured and transparent collaboration and communication between insurers, product design teams, and policyholders;

  • Encourage more insurance companies to write index-based insurance policies that protect against key risks and improve access to finance among the unbanked and underbanked market in developing countries;

  • Improve the technical capacity of insurance companies in quantitative risk analysis of index insurance products and named peril index insurance pricing analytics;


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