Integrating Disaster Risk Reduction and Climate Change Adaptation Course

Given that 90 per cent of recorded major disasters caused by natural hazards from 1995 to 2015 were linked to weather and climate change, many organisations are now building their capacity to understand what needs to be done differently to integrate adaptation to climate change with their work on disaster risk reduction (DRR). However, it is not always obvious how these two areas can fruitfully connect and operate in tandem within the wider context of development. This course provides participants with increased knowledge of the concepts and intersections of climate change and DRR, and the approaches, methods and tools that can be used to more effectively integrate climate change in DRR.

Global warming is a hugely significant factor affecting people’s lives and livelihoods worldwide. It is vital we improve the integration between adaptation to climate change and disaster risk reduction, while removing barriers between these two areas of work in the context of wider development. The Sustainable Development Goals, the Sendai Framework, and the Paris Agreement on climate all point to the importance of this integration. This course – based on our long experience of work on disasters, climate change, and development – is a key step towards this goal. We have delivered it successfully in Bangladesh, Mozambique and Kenya, with participants from local and international NGOs, Red Cross/Red Crescent, aid agencies, and international organisations. - Terry Cannon, IDS Fellow and convenor of the course

Course aim
To equip policymakers and practitioners with the knowledge and skills to more effectively integrate disaster risk reduction with adaptation to climate change, in the context of development and poverty reduction.

Who should attend?  
Policy actors and practitioners from international organisations and aid agencies, NGO staff, government officials, independent consultants and development practitioners working on either climate change or DRR with a personal or organisational goal to improve integration.

The course is NOT about disaster response, relief and recovery – its focus is on disaster preparedness and prevention. Participants may have been working in disaster response, but want to shift their emphasis to DRR in the context of climate change.

Please note that there are no bursaries for this course. Full details are given in the website listed below.


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