Insurance instruments and disaster resilience in Europe

Improving multi-sectoral collaboration is one of the core aims of the project 'Enhancing risk management partnerships for catastrophic natural disasters in Europe' (ENHANCE). Four insights from ENHANCE project case studies on the use of disaster insurance in Europe have been recorded.

  • Risk assessment and data gathering are important for improving multi-sectoral collaboration and for developing risk transfer schemes.

  • The use of insurance to incentivise risk reduction is possible, but needs to be carefully designed and targeted.

  • Stakeholder engagement is important in order to discover current barriers, perceived or otherwise, that are inhibiting innovative solutions or the development of new partnerships.

  • Flood insurance and Disaster Risk Reduction need to be closely linked and integrated in a multi-stakeholder approach.

ENHANCE ('Enhancing risk management partnerships for catastrophic natural disasters in Europe') aims at developing and analysing new ways to enhance society's resilience to catastrophic natural hazard impacts. The hazards are related to hear waves, forest fires, flood, drought, storm surge, and volcanic eruptions.


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