Europe: Local authorities must be given the tools to fulfil crisis management ambitions

The international community has made encouraging commitments to improving disaster risk reduction around the world, but concrete actions speak louder than words, writes Elisabetta Gardini in the Parliament. As part of the EU delegation when the Sendai Framework for Disaster Risk Reduction 2015-2030 was adopted, Gardini writes that in order to reach the goals and boost the capabilities of developing countries there needs to be a substantial increase in international cooperation, as well as the involvement of all possible stakeholders. As Gardini explained during a ministerial roundtable on reducing disaster risk in urban settings, 'the most innovative and effective concepts and tools which are included in the European civil protection mechanism - for instance the notion of 'resilient community' - should be taken into account when indicating the methods to follow in a disaster-resilient world'. 

Elisabetta Gardini is a vice-chair of parliament’s delegation for relations with Mercosur.

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